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Site Plans

My old site still exists (link), albeit in a static form. Rather than migrate material from the old site to this new site, my plan is to gradually populate this site with material that is relevant to my current interests. Eventually, I may drop all reference to my old site, but that's a number of years in the future.

I've been impressed by bloggers who regularly post new material. My initial plan is to write a new blog entry every week. A daily blog post is almost forced to be thin, and a monthly post is too infrequent to stay top-of-mind. Once a week seems like a reasonable plan. The subject matter is likely to vary widely, but my intent is to offer content that is not highly topical.

I retain a selective interest in technology. Most of my career, before I entered my 3rd Age, connected in direct ways to technology. The big difference today is that I no longer feel a professional need to stay on top of best practices. But I do pay attention to my desktop and my website and my camera and my Android device(s). From time to time I may write about those technologies which I'm following. The exception is my connection to Alpha Insights, a new virtual consulting group.

Presenting courses at Ryerson's LIFE Institute is a continuing focus. The material I prepare for my courses will appear, not here, but on my LIFE Courses website. Developing courses inspires and is inspired by a range of personal interests.

The following topics are ones that I am currently following:

  • Urban Planning - We live in downtown Toronto and a gaggle of new condo buildings are planned, proposed, approved, under construction or occupied. Our world is being reshaped, not always in positive ways. Understanding what could be possible and finding ways to appropriately influence development is important to me. There may be blog entries on aspects of urban planning.
  • Community - We are strongly shaped by the communities in which we were raised and by the communities in which we find ourselves. I generally agree with the Communitarians about the importance of responsibilities to counter-balance claimed rights. We're gone too far, but it's less than clear what effective steps we can or should take. Nor is it clear how to balance local as against global concerns.
  • Music - Classical music has always been important to me. It was an important focus for me in high school. While I no longer perform, I still take great pleasure in exploring new worlds of classical music. The proliferation of music sharing site has allowed me to sample work from composers who were previously unknown to me. For me, this is a good example of technology opening new musical worlds for me.

Stay tuned. I'll have more to say, every week if things go as planned.