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This page contains links to resources that are currently important to me. I expect to make changes in response to my changing interests. Stay tuned.

The LIFE Institute - The LIFE Institute is a semi-autonomous organization within the Ryerson University context. Its members, now above almost 2,500, are all 50+ and come to LIFE for a rich variety of classes and clubs. LIFE really is about Learning Is ForEver. I have been an active member, taking and teaching courses, and serving on committees.

LIFE Courses - This is my site where LIFE members can find the material from the LIFE courses that I led, and my early notes on courses that I'm planning to lead. It contains all of the presentation material that I have used in the courses that I offered. (Others are free to use this material, but I would appreciate being recognized as the author of quoted material.)

Church Wellesley Neighbourhood Association - My wife and I moved to downtown Toronto in 2003. We're just off Yonge Street (once claimed to be the world's longest street) and just on the edge of the Church Wellesley Village. CWNA is the local residents association. I've been part of it since its inception. In addition to its web presence, it also has a Facebook presence.

Bay Cloverhill Community Association - Just across Yonge Street, BCCA covers the same north-south territory as CWNA, but on the west side of Yonge. The two organizations often cooperate on Yonge Street issues.

EAP Newsletter - The Environmental and Architectural Phenomenology Newsletter is one of the better open sources of information and insight on the lived reality of our natural and built environments. It has been publishing for more than 25 years (and is now only available electronically). But maybe I'm just a bit biased - David Seamon published a couple articles I wrote on Yonge Street.

entityCanadian Information Processing Society - CIPS is the senior Canadian society for IT professionals. My involvement goes back years. I've presented material to CIPS groups. I've served on CIPS committees. And I've even been President of CIPS Ontario. Now, though, I mostly watch from afar. Unfortunately, CIPS has a troubled presence in Ontario, but work continues to improve this situation.