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This is my professional website, with personal information available under the Personal tab. I'm a semi-retired management and systems consultant. For years, I maintained a simple personal website, coding everything directly in html. In my work with a number of different organizations, I recommended using a Content Management System. The results have generally been positive - technology is removed as the reason why the site is not maintained. People still need to develop or modify the information on the site, but technology is no longer a (major) problem.

My own website continued much as it had begun. But then I started to run into hard limits from the hosting service I was using (in 2007). I was driven to consider alternatives. Thus motivated, I looked for a Content Management System to use on my personal website. After cycling through a number of options, I decided to go with the Drupal open source CMS (2007.07). I have been favorably impressed with the package. I get a solid platform, with many free add-on modules, and fine control over site details.

I have mostly moved my old site content to live under Drupal. Most of the old content has been retained, but is now accessible through the Drupal front-end. I plan to take advantage of the capabilities now available to me under this CMS. There are a large number of interesting modules that could be installed using the capablities that come with the Drupal platform. I will be selectively installing the ones that most interest me. I invite comments, suggestions, and criticisms.

I started out with a CAPTCHA test to restrict registration to people (machines have trouble with CAPTCHA systems). I had intended to be relatively open about allowing people to register, but find that I'm now (2009.10) getting almost daily requests for registration by people who are not really interested in the content. I presume they want to promote their private interest in the discussion forums open to registered users. I've closed down registration. If you would like to be registered, send me a note.

Robert Fabian - email