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I am an independent management and systems consultant. The focus of my work is to help clients uncover, and discover, effective ways of using information technology to achieve competitive business advantage.

I have more than forty-five years experience in business, computing, and research. I have worked as a manager, consultant, and academic. For the last thirty years, I have concentrated on helping clients and employers identify, uncover, and discover their "desired" future and then manage toward that future. The disciplined use of information technology is an increasingly important part of my consulting work.

I have been a Principal with a national firm of management consultants, and a Partner with a Canadian management and systems consulting firm. I have held management positions with a vendor of networking and information services, with a major Canadian energy firm, and with York University in Toronto. I have held academic positions with York University, Smith College, the University of Waterloo, and the University of Toronto.

Consulting about outsourcing has been an important part of my practice. I have worked with clients on establishing outsourcing contracts, and on correcting problems with existing outsourcing arrangements. I have undertaken numerous planning assignments, from planning the future for one of Canada's largest commercial information systems, to helping small firms develop effective network and desktop strategies. I managed the development and installation of an early client/server workflow application. I am active in planning and implementing Web based business initiatives.

The Web continues to be an important focal point. I led the mid-1990s Internet initiatives at a Toronto systems consulting firm. I have used Internet technology to: facilitate information sharing; automate forms processing; and define shared (electronic) trust within an on-line community. I have worked with public and private sector clients on the establishment and maintenance of Web based information services. I have written widely on Internet topics, and have presented a number of Web tutorial sessions.

My consulting clients have included a wide range of private and public sector organizations. I have provided consulting to firms in the informatics, retail, insurance, energy, publishing, banking, consulting, distribution, transportation, and manufacturing industries. I have done work for all levels of government, and for a broad range of not-for-profit organizations.

My work has ranged widely in many fields related to computing and communications. I have done technical work on software engineering, agent technologies, product engineering, database management systems, open systems, office automation, laser printing, electronic mail, and workflow coordination. I have done business and organizational work on outsourcing, assessment, strategic planning, quality of working life, business process reengineering, open organizations, change strategies, critical success factors, and quality. I have done market reserach and technology forecasts for the informatics and telecommunications industries.

My 1965 Ph.D. in Mathematics (Computer Science) was awarded by Case Institute of Technology. I am a Senior Life Member of the IEEE. I was awarded the I.S.P. designation, from CIPS. My articles have appeared frequently in Canadian business publications and in a cross-section of trade publications. I have organized and presented a full range of conferences, seminars, and courses.