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Recent Publications & Presentations

Bob's Top 10 (free MS desktop applications), LIFE Computer Club presentation, 2012 November 2

More Urban Design Experience, to appear EAP Newsletter

Discovering Urban Design, EAP Newletter, Winter 2012

Professions & Professionals presentation, York University, 2011 November 22

Computing Profession, IT Profession column of Computer, February 2011

Practice Knowledge presentation, York Unversity, 2010 November 23

Professional presentation, York Unversity, 2010 November 16

IT - What's Really Important, presentation, CIPS Kawartha, 2010 September 29

Risk IT - Bridging the Gap, presentation, IT Audit, Governance and Security Conference, Toronto, 2010 March 31

The Risk IT Silver Bullet, presentation, Toronto Cobit User Group, 2010 March 18

My Drupal Experience, presentation, Drupal Workshop, Toronto, 2010 March 04

Risk IT - The ITGI Framework, presentation, ISACA Toronto, 2009 October 15

Professional Essence, IT Professional, May/June 2009

Best Practices: ITIL & CobiT, presentation, CIPS Kawartha, 2009 May 20

Professional Responsibility & Cobit, presentation, CIPS Toronto, 2009 March 9

Risk Management Fundamentals, tutorial, it360 Conference, 2008 April 9

IT Best Practice Standards, presentation, CIPS Session, it360 Conference, 2008 April 9

Consultant's Use of CobiT, presentation, Toronto CobiT User Group, 2008 January 29

CIPS Risk Management Guideline prepared for CIPS, August 2007

The Outsourcing Spiral prepared for The Manta Group, June, 2007

Interdependence of COBIT and ITIL, Control, vol. 7, no. 1, January, 2007

IT Professional: Risk Management in Practice, Computing Canada, September 15, 2006

Professional Perspectives: DSDM method gets around the Uncertainty Principle, ComputerWorld Canada, October 14, 2005

Professional Perspectives: Grads must grasp need for non-technical know-how, ComputerWorld Canada, September 16, 2005

Professional Perspectives: 'Constraints' challenge good design, ComputerWorld Canada, August 19, 2005

Professional Perspectives: IT consulting game gets a brand new rule book, ComputerWorld Canada, July 22, 2005

Professional Perspectives: No place for crisis-style thinking in utility world, ComputerWorld Canada, June 24, 2005

Professional Perspectives: CobiT: it’s more than just control, ComputerWorld Canada, May 27, 2005

Professional Perspectives: Standards may stifle innovation in the workplace, ComputerWorld Canada, April 15, 2005

Professional Perspectives: Where did all the exciting IT jobs go?, ComputerWorld Canada, March 18, 2005

Professional Perspectives: Open source has arrived, ComputerWorld Canada, January 7, 2005

Professional Perspectives: Digital is here to stay, ComputerWorld Canada, November 26, 2004

Professional Perspectives: What are the prospects for programming?, ComputerWorld Canada, October 29, 2004

Professional Perspectives: Taking responsibility for development discipline, ComputerWorld Canada, September 3, 2004

Professional Perspectives: Preparing for a career in IT, ComputerWorld Canada, July 23, 2004

Professional Perspectives: To outsource or to automate?, ComputerWorld Canada, June 24, 2004

School job opened door for brand new IBM 1130, ComputerWorld Canada, June 11, 2004

Professional Perspectives: IT procurement: seeking out best practices, ComputerWorld Canada, June 11, 2004

Professional Perspectives: Facing up to the procurement challenge, ComputerWorld Canada, May 14, 2004

Professional Perspectives: Standards game needs players, ComputerWorld Canada, March 8, 2004

The Ethics of Oursourcing, CIPSacrossCANADA, Winter 2004

Professional Perspectives: Should software pros be licensed?, ComputerWorld Canada, January 2, 2004

Professional Perspectives: Agile breakthroughs: a winning combination for projects, ComputerWorld Canada, October 31, 2003

Professional Perspectives: The challenge spam poses, ComputerWorld Canada, October 6, 2003

Professional Standards of Practice, itSMF Canada Newsletter, Septermber, 2003

Agile: Discipline through Social Design, presentaiton to IRMAC, Toronto, Septermber 30, 2003

Professional Perspectives: Let’s have a discussion...online, ComputerWorld Canada, September 5, 2003

Professional Perspectives: Agile teams keep it local, ComputerWorld Canada, July 25, 2003

Professional Perspectives: Older workers must play to their strengths, ComputerWorld Canada, June 13, 2003 (reprinted in Network World Canada, July 11, 2003)

Remembering Harvey - Harvey Gellman, 1924 - 2003, CIO Canada, June 2003

Professional Perspectives: Old school job search back in vogue, ComputerWorld Canada, May 16, 2003 (reprinted in Network World Canada, June 13, 2003)

Professional Perspectives: It’s time we spoke the same language, ComputerWorld Canada, May 2, 2003

Professional Perspectives: Is there an IT profession?, ComputerWorld Canada, April 4, 2003

Trust - In An Online World, presentation to York Technology Association, January 15, 2003

Tech Toys XXIII: The e-mail challenge, ComputerWorld Canada, May 17, 2002

Be smart before you sign, CxO.ca, April, 2002

Computer education is problematic, ComputerWorld Canada, March 08, 2002

Tech Toys XXII: Projects can succeed with the right tools, ComputerWorld Canada, January 25, 2002

Tech Toys XXI: Offices march onwards, ComputerWorld Canada, December 14, 2001

Tech Toys XX: Say cheese and click your pic, ComputerWorld Canada, November 16, 2001

Tech Toys XIX: Managing the web, ComputerWorld Canada, October 19, 2001

Lean on me, CxO.ca, October, 2001

Cottaging with my cell phone, CxO.ca, October, 2001

Tech Toys XVIII: MS not the final Word, ComputerWorld Canada, September 21, 2001

Tech Toys XVII: Operating system challenge, ComputerWorld Canada, August 10, 2001

Tech Toys XVI: Keeping out Internet intruders, ComputerWorld Canada, June 15, 2001

Botched business: Six easy ways to decrease a website's value, Marketing Magazine, March, 2000

THINKING ABOUT E-COM III: How urgent is this e-commerce thing? ComputerWorld Canada, February, 2000

THINKING ABOUT E-COM II: Business models are again important ComputerWorld Canada, January 14, 2000

THINKING ABOUT E-COM I: Electronic business will cause overwhelming changes ComputerWorld Canada, November 19, 1999

Tech Toys XV: Graphics Stuff, ComputerWorld Canada, August 27, 1999

Tech Toys XIV: The Office 2000s, ComputerWorld Canada, July, 30 1999

Easy Ways to Botch a Website, CIO Canada enterprise, July, 1999

Tech Toys XIII: Web Browsers, ComputerWorld Cananada, July 2, 1999

Review: Globe and Mail Website, ComputerWorld Canada, June 18, 1999

Tech Toys XII: Neat Utilities, ComputerWorld Canada, June 4, 1999

Review: Corel Website, ComputerWorld Canada, May 28, 1999

Tech Toys XI: Personal Y2K, ComputerWorld Canada, May 14, 1999

Tech Toys X: Text Editors, ComputerWorld Canada, April 16, 1999

Tech Toys IX: Fast Internet, ComputerWorld Canada, March 12, 1999

Review: Bank of Montreal Website, ComputerWorld Canada, February, 26, 1999

Tech Toys VIII: Backup, ComputerWorld Canada, February, 12 1999

Tech Toys VII: Personal Graphics, ComputerWorld Canada, January 29, 1999

Tech Toys VI: Web Page Editors, ComputerWorld Canada, January 15, 1999

Tech Toys Holiday: Internet Gifts, ComputerWorld Canada, December 18, 1998

Tech Toys V: Contact Systems, ComputerWorld Canada, November 20, 1998

"Balanced Scorecards", CIO Canada, October, 1998

Tech Toys IV: Scripting, ComputerWorld Canada, October 30, 1998

Tech Toys III: Digital Photography, ComputerWorld Canada, September 25, 1998

Tech Toys II: Word Processing, ComputerWorld Canada, August 28, 1998

Tech Toys I: Bookmark Management, ComputerWorld Canada, July 31, 1998

"Y2K Opportunities", with Bob Hopkins, in CIO Canada, July, 1998

"The ERP Challenge", in CMA Magazine, June, 1998

"Modest Software Tools", in Information Strategy, Volume 14, Issue 3, Spring 1998

"Background Research Report", for SHRC, Fall, 1997 (with D. Murphy)

"Agents and Commercial Reuse", in Bots and other Internet Beasties, Sams.net, 1996

"Internet Search Strategies", in Internet Secrets, IDG Books, 1995

"Business Information and the Internet", CMA Magazine, November, 1994

"Making client/server work", Client/Server World, InfoCanada, October, 1994

"Judgment and the RFP process", The RFP Report, August, 1994

"The Connected Home Office", Focus Issue, InfoCanada, June, 1994

"You can harness those messages and jump right in", The Globe & Mail, May 13, 1994

"Chose the connection that's right for your business", The Globe & Mail, May 13, 1994

"Modest Client/Server", Client/Server World, InfoCanada, May 1994

"A Pound of Change", Canadian Insurance, January, 1994

"The GUI Challenge", InfoCanada, September, 1991

"The Visual Basic Opportunity", Direct Access, August 15, 1991

"The WINing move", COMPUTERweek, July 15, 1991

"Coping with the Laserjet", COMPUTERweek, May 8, 1991

"The windows phenomenon", Direct Access, April 26, 1991

"A silver bullet for development?", COMPUTERweek, April 1, 1991; reprinted Direct Access, November 15, 1991

"An integrated software opportunity", COMPUTERweek, March 4, 1991

"No quick fixes in need for higher quality", COMPUTERweek, January 21, 1991

"Turbulence", Inside Guide, Winter 1990; reprinted Worth Repeating, Report on Business, The Globe and Mail, February 13, 1991

"The double wave", Computer Data, December, 1990

"Parallels of Meech and mainframes", Insight: Financial Post, July 27, 1990

"Different systems for different machines", Computing Canada, March 16, 1990

"Users should be watching as operating systems vie for acceptance", Report on Business, The Globe and Mail, March 6, 1990

"Listen up: computers are speaking of values", Report on Business, The Globe and Mail, October 23, 1989

"Smart money", Canadian Treasurer, August, 1989

"Perspectives: Industry Watch", Canadian Datasystems, April, May, June, August, 1989

"Desktop publishing: freedom takes planning", Report on Business, The Globe and Mail, March 13, 1989

"A good balance of 'loose' and 'tight' can help systems cope with chaos", Report on Business, The Globe and Mail, March 13, 1989

"Governments must not be overly kind to local high-tech ventures", Report on Business, The Globe and Mail, March 13, 1989

"Personality dictates personal data filing", Report on Business, The Globe and Mail, March 13, 1989

"Rough ride ahead as change rolls on", Report on Business, The Globe and Mail, November 7, 1988

"Hypertext pins down data needles", Report on Business, The Globe and Mail, November 7, 1988

"Every firm its own publisher", CMA Magazine, October, 1988

"Computer revolution progressing rapidly, but it's still far from over", Report on Business, The Globe and Mail, March 7, 1988

"Security means retaining access to data while keeping others out", Report on Business, The Globe and Mail, March 7, 1988

"New horizons for the office", Report on Business, The Globe and Mail, March 7,1988