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Given my years of professional activity, I could point to a range of previous experience. I met my first computer back in the 1950s. I helped Smith College acquire its first computer in the 1960s. I was the first Chair of Computer Science at York University in the 1970s. All of that is interesting background, and it all took place before I entered the "real" world of consulting and management. More relevant to my current professional concerns are these pages on this site:.

  • Resume - This is a conventional description of my background.
  • Publications - This points to my publications over the recent past,
  • Monger - This provides a description of me as a Concept Monger.

Note: Having lived and worked on both sides of the ivy tower, I'm not convinced there is one "real" world. Everyone sees the "real" world through the filter of their background, their community membership, and their employment.